Icy Ball – not what you’re thinking!


George demonstrates how the 1920s Icy Ball Refrigeration worked at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace

This Icy Ball (which weighs nearly 40 pounds) was used for refrigeration in the 1920s. It was manufactured by the Crosley Radio Corporation. It was actually a pretty amazing piece of equipment. Listen to George explain how it was used.

In addition, we found this interesting post where Aberdeen Proving Ground did some testing on this concept as late as 1974! This particular Icy Ball was actually used by the Pitcock Brothers in this very building back in the day! Want to know more about how it works? Check out this photo!

Bahoukas in Havre de Grace not only has the instructions, but has the actual Icy Ball available!


Jewelry – always a perfect gift

Jewelry that just arrived is sure to be picked up quickly.

beautiful jewelry pieces just arrived at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace

Another photo that doesn’t do justice to these jewelry pieces. Included in this selection is:

  • a gorgeous cameo pin with a diamond, excellent condition
  • 1934 – 10k gold ring from MD Institute
  • Beautiful vintage pierced earrings by Stamper and Black Hills Gold.
    10k gold with rose gold and green gold leaves, yellow gold vines
    AMAZINGLY they perfectly match the beautiful
  • Lorus quartz ladies watch, gold band with leaves that coordinate with
    earrings mentioned above
  • 1896 Time King pocket watch, 21 jewel, works, from New Columbus

    In late 1894, the 18-size 21-jewels Time King grade was introduced for railroad service, adjusted to temperature, positions, and isochronism.

Stop in to see them… a perfect gift, an exquisite stocking stuffer, and a sure-fire ‘thank you’ for your thoughtfulness. Hurry in today!



Gifts for the Military Enthusiasts

Civil War through Viet Nam Military Collectibles

Civil War to Viet Nam Military Memorabilia at Bahoukas

This photo does not do justice to the items available in this case of Military Collectibles. Civil War photo, Civil War shooter’s glasses (sun glasses), 1880s American-Indian War Kepi, WWII bayonet and so very much more. If this is your passion, stop in and see what other treasure you may find in this case. George would love to show you!

This amazing piece is beautiful

It’s a tool – it’s a beautiful piece of work.wallpaper cutter - beautiful piece - Bahoukas Antique Mall in Havre de Grace

This photo does not do justice to this beautiful piece of machinery. It’s a wallpaper cutter. It most likely still works. But it’s so beautiful, I’d clean it up and find a display area for it. Stop in and give it a look! It’s really  a wonderful piece of simple machinery!


#3 Vintage Tools

Holiday Gifting #3 will bring a hug from the one who loves antique/vintage tools

Vintage tools - early 30s - Bahouks

Left to Right: Wood block Planer, Shoulder Drill – allows you to put more force into what you’re drilling, Pipe Wrench (Monkey Wrench) and a Draw Knife – used to take bark off trees to use the logs in building log cabins.

This is a beautiful selection of tools. They will surely make someone VERY happy that you found them. Whether it’s a collector who wants to display them or someone who wants to work with them, The receiver of this gift will warm you with hugs!




From Gnomes to Ethan Allen

… with Viko Baumritter mid-century modern inbetween…

Viko was the Baumritter Corporation’s modern line, which was produced in the 1950s and 1960s. There were only around 150 pieces in the modern line. Many of the upholstered pieces had reversible cushions.*

Viko Baumritter mid-century modern chairs at Bahoukas Antique Mall
Viko Was The Modern Furniture Line of Baumritter Furniture, produced in the 1950s and 60s. Baumritter renamed themselves “Ethan Allen”. Baumritter’s goal was to reinvest their profits and by 1962 the company had 14 furniture factories out East. Later that year Baumritter acquired Kling Factories, Inc. with 3 factories near Jamestown, NY. Kling had a line of 150 steel-furniture pieces which supplemented the Ethan Allen line.*

If you love this furniture, you may appreciate the following information about the company:

Baumritter Corporation

Theodore Baumritter and his brother-in-law Nathan C. Ancell started a housewares company in 1932, making plaster gnomes, trellises and garden swings. Three years later, they paid $25,000 for a bankrupt furniture factory in Beecher Falls, Vermont, and began manufacturing furniture. In 1939 the company introduced a line of “Early American” furniture they called Ethan Allen.

By 1962, Baumritter and Ancell owned 14 furniture factories in the East. By the middle of the 1960’s, the Baumritter Corporation had the largest group of furniture in the world, with a 1,600-piece line to choose from. They also had stores by that time in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada. In 1970, Baumritter retired, and Ancell took over the company. In 1972, The Baumritter Corporation officially changed its name to Ethan Allen Industries.*hassock fan by kenmore at Bahoukas


The hassock fan by Kenmore actually works. There’s plenty of info and even a few videos on youtube. It’s a perfect piece to go with your Viko Baumritter chairs!

*taken from nytimes.com and fundinguniverse.com






Califone Still Exists

Rheem Califone 1430B

Rheem Califone 1430b 4-speed record player at Bahoukas AntiquesWe have another great record player to add to our list. If you’re following the trend, you may be interested in this gem. It’s a 4-speed phonograph player that was principally used in schools! That’s right – 4 speed – 33-45-78 and 16 rpms!!! And George has a 16 rpm record available!

It still works and came out of McCormick Elementary School in Baltimore County. Amazingly, this company, found in 1947, still exists. Here’s a bit of info from their website:

Califone International History

Califone® International, Inc. has been a leader since 1947 in the design, development and manufacturing of audio/visual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education and presentation settings. Simply stated, Califone is your powerful sound presentation solutions provider!…

Since its inception in 1946 as the educational products division of Robert Metzner’s Roberts Electronics – which manufactured state-of-the-art consumer audio components and, was the first U.S. company to offer a reel-to-reel tape recorder and solid state radio tuners to the general public – Califone has been on the leading edge of technology for educational applications. Over the years, Califone has received many engineering design patents for product innovations.

That’s pretty amazing. It also gives you an idea of the quality of their units.

In this article from 2015, we get a bit of insight as to why vinyl has found a new audience with millennials!

In an increasingly digital age, vinyl records can provide a deeper, tactile connection to music that resonates with some of the biggest fans,” said Friedlander, the association’s senior vice president of strategic data analysis.

So here’s an opportunity to add a fine vintage, working turntable to your shelf! Stop in and see what’s available in both record players and albums! See you soon!






1905 Anheuser Busch decorative plate

beautiful advertising tin plate of red headed lady with long wavy hair for Anheuser BuschRare, Original Anhheuser-Busch’s Malt-Nutrine St. Louis, Mo. Patented 1905 Tin Tray with a Lovely Partially Nude Portrait of a Lady. She has red, wavy hair. This collectible advertising piece was for Malt-Nutrine,

Anheuser-Busch Malt-Nutrine

A Tonic with Food Value
You will find in Malt-Nutrine valuable tonic properties of Saazer hops. You will also find the food value of more than 14 per cent of pure malt extract. The ingredients of Malt-Nutrine are carefully and properly chosen to constitute a real food-tonic and are combined through scientific processes under the direction of competent chemists.
Anheuser-Busch’s Malt-Nutrine is the recognized standard of medicinal malt preparations.
It is extensively prescribed by physicians as a food-tonic for nursing mothers, protracted convalescence from acute diseases, insomnia and many other conditions. Do not confuse it with cheap dark beers.
Pronounced by the U.S. Internal Revenue Department PURE MALT PRODUCT and not an alcoholic beverage.
At Meal Time —
To assist the gastric juices of the stomach in the necessary process of fermentation, which we call digestion, take a wine glass of Anheuser-Busch’s Malt-Nutrine
Your physician will tell you, and you will find by test in your own case, that malts with meals, in moderate quantity, not only increase appetite, or the desire to eat, but will aid materially in the digestion and assimilation of the food eaten.
Dyseptics, invalids and convalescents especailly are benefited.
Malt-Nutrine is a non-intoxicant; a scientific preparation of malt and hops that will give permanent benefit to both old and young. Physicians and nurses endorse it. Druggists and grocers sell it.
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass’n, St. Louis, U.S.A.

from:  Bonkers Institute

Stop in and see this beautiful piece – a perfect addition to anyone’s brewmania collection.




This Model 202 Phone WORKS!

Most of us have fancy electronic phones today, and many of them fit snuggly in our pockets! The old phones are so cool and we just obtained a beauty!

Western Electric Model 202 Phone at Bahoukas

The Model 202 telephone (D1 mount/set) was a desktop telephone produced by Western Electric from 1930 through 1936. It was a modified version of the Model 102, and contained newly created anti-sidetone circuitry to prevent audio from the earpiece from being picked up by the mouthpiece, which would result in an acoustic feedback loop, and a squealing noise from the receiver.
Like its predecessors and competitors, the Model 202 contained no ringer or induction coils. These were contained in an external subset (ringer box) that connected between the phone and the wall.
BAHOUKAS has this phone in awesome condition with no fraying of the cord at all.