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Whatever you’re looking for… BAHOUKAS has it!

Just a sampling of what we have to offer:

OLD TOYS… many “new” old stock from the ’40s and ’50s
Sports Collectables
Oil Paintings, Art Glass, Potter
Jukeboxes, Arcade Games, Old Board Games
WWII, Boy Scout items
Radios, Cameras, Telephones
Vintage Halloween and Christmas items

Don’t forget to visit the 2nd floor with 2200 sq. ft.  filled with beer and alcohol related items, complete with a sports and NASCAR section!

Yes, George is a compulsive buyer, and Barbara tries her best to be a compulsive organizer, but can’t quite keep up! The good thing about this is that you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for: whether a collection, historical or sports memorabilia, or something to decorate your home, even the perfect gift! And George is ALWAYS ready to sell. (Our one advantage is he’s not a ‘hoarder’!)
Come see us. THEN you’ll understand!

Bahoukas & Havre de Grace

BAHOUKAS’ collections are situated in a circa 1880 historic building in Havre de Grace’s Main Street District. With nearly 9,000 Sq. Ft. of retail space, we’re waiting for your visit!

Havre de Grace, MD is on the edge of Harford County, just across the river from Cecil County and a short drive from Baltimore County, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey! Many of our customers take Exit 89 to visit us while traveling north or south on I-95 between Virginia, D.C. and New York. Make BAHOUKAS your regular stop while traveling!

Havre de Grace is located where the Susquehanna River flows into the Upper Chesapeake Bay. A drive into ur historic downtown is like traveling through a time machine with many turn-of-the-century buildings looking much like they did “back in the day”. Much of Havre de Grace was burned during the War of 1812, but a few of the pre-1812 buildings survived the British attack and can be seen while walking our Lafayette Trail. (Just ask us.)

Why We Do What We Do at BAHOUKAS

We believe in living well and enjoying today, while preserving yesterday and preparing for tomorrow. We cherish the present, treasure the past and are protective of the future. It is our goal to preserve those aspects of the past that are worth remembering, and integrate them into our (and your) day-to-day lives and treasured forever.

George married his Cinderlla on 12-18-2009 and they lived happily-ever-after in Bahoukas-ville

George married his Cinderella on 12-18-2009 and they lived happily-ever-after in Bahoukasville!

We search for treasures and prepare them for life in the future – as collectables, home decor, or purposeful items for your day-to-day life. We are conscious of how our actions affect our environment. We work to conserve our resources and utilize them fully and efficiently. We think you are a lot like us, too! Come visit us! We will be looking for you!

A little history….

First came BAHOUKAS Collectables… opened in 1996. George Wagner (no, his real name is NOT Bahoukas) started in the small shop at 465 Franklin Street in only 200 sq. ft. of retail space. Four years later, in 2000, he moved his store ‘next door’ to the corner space at 467 Franklin Street, expanding his empire to 1200 sq. ft.

Fast forward another four years to 2004, George purchased this location. BAHOUKAS has always been full to the rafters (if you could find the rafters) with collectables of all sorts!

Next … BrewMania Opens

In 2007, after acquiring some unique collections of beer and alcohol related memorabilia, George remodeled and opened a 2nd floor room to house his BrewMania Beer MuZeum. Then came the…

“Best of Harford County 2016” – Honorable Mention
“Best of Harford County 2014″ – Honorable Mention
“Best of Harford County 2013″ – Honorable Mention

Antique Mall

Sept/Oct 2008: BAHOUKAS outgrew the original store. So George and Barbara purchased the building across the street (formerly Pitcocks Hardware Store) and opened BAHOUKAS Antique Mall. The new store boasts almost 9,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and their collections include items from 5 other dealers. George also moved the BrewMania MuZeum from the Franklin Street location to the roomy 2nd floor of the Antique Mall. This “Man Cave” area also has an extensive NASCAR section and a sports memorabilia area. Something for everyone! You really must see it to believe it!


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