Do you collect tins, cans, etc?

Whether you’re looking for an addition to your tins and can collection or you just love to use them for storage or accent pieces in your decor, we have a wonderful variety of cans that include everything from coffee to tobacco.

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wonderful selection of tin cans available at Bahoukas Antiques - coffee, tea, nuts, toothpaste and more
Selection of tin cans – coffee, tea, nuts, toothpaste, etc

Coffee Tins to Beer Cans

How do you display your tin collection? Do you actually use any of them? Stop in and share your unique uses of your collectible tin cans. CLICK HERE for just one beautiful example of decorating with vintage tins to get your creative juices flowing!

Don’t forget that in our Beer MuZeum we have a huge – huge – huge collection of beer cans as well!

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Collectible tins/cans at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace
Can Collectibles

Of course, you know we’ll be watchin’ for ya. Stop by Bahoukas Antique Mall and Beer MuZeum soon. Share your interests and stories.

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