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Upcycled Printer’s Drawer and more…

A letterpress drawer is a thin wooden tray with compartments. These drawers were part of a larger printing cabinet that were common between the 15th and 19th centuries. The small sections store letter stamps or “sorts” that were used in a printing press for relief printing. Letterpress drawers are also referred to as type cases, type drawers, printer block drawers, and printer’s trays. 

Printer’s Type – numbers
Printer’s Type – designs

Printer’s drawers make a great display for small collections, sewing needs, even succulent and air plants.
(See 11 Ways to Repurpose Letterpress Drawers)

using a printer's drawer for succulents and air plants from

Fun using metal type

Old metal type can easily be used to add a bit of pizzazz to a craft. You can ink it with a stamp pad and using it to make your own gift wrap, to decorate a lunch or gift bag, to create a card, or to just give the kids a little knowledge about using type.

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Printer’s Trays – yesterday and today

Did you ever wonder why there are so many layouts of printer’s trays?

Old printer's trays often used for shadow boxes today, available at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace MD

These amazing vintage printer’s trays are sturdy and beautiful pieces of wood in their own right. Today they are often used for shadow boxes where folks put a variety of ‘collectibles’ in them and usually hang them on the wall. We might add it’s a great way to keep those smaller collectibles together and add a beautiful display piece to your home or office.

But are you aware that they were used to hold the letters for the old letterpress. Well, we say ‘old’ with the exception that Letterpress has become popular again. Just ask Glyph’s in Havre de Grace. Beautiful cards, stationary, and posters are being created today using the Letterpress.

But have you ever wondered why there are so many different layouts. CLICK HERE for some history and also CLICK HERE to read a bit of how they’re being used with a Letterpress today.

Here’s a beautiful assortment of ways to use the old printer’s trays in Pinterest. Gorgeous. Do a search and you’ll thousands of ways to use these old printer’s trays. Enjoy!

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