Upcycled Printer’s Drawer and more…

A letterpress drawer is a thin wooden tray with compartments. These drawers were part of a larger printing cabinet that were common between the 15th and 19th centuries. The small sections store letter stamps or “sorts” that were used in a printing press for relief printing. Letterpress drawers are also referred to as type cases, type drawers, printer block drawers, and printer’s trays. 

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Printer’s Type – numbers
Printer’s Type – designs

Printer’s drawers make a great display for small collections, sewing needs, even succulent and air plants.
(See 11 Ways to Repurpose Letterpress Drawers)

using a printer's drawer for succulents and air plants from TheSpruce.com

Fun using metal type

Old metal type can easily be used to add a bit of pizzazz to a craft. You can ink it with a stamp pad and using it to make your own gift wrap, to decorate a lunch or gift bag, to create a card, or to just give the kids a little knowledge about using type.

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