What is it about keys that are so intriguing? Is it the mystery of what they might unlock? Or maybe who used them and where?


This is the word for one who collects, or has a fondness, for keys! CLICK HERE to hear how to prounounce it!

The picture above is our latest addition to our collection – keys from the 1930s that were, at one time, in the Hatem Store in Havre de Grace. Many of these were keys used in amusement machines.

Another addition to Bahoukas History MuZeum the Brass National Cash Register that came from the Hatem Store that was at 600 Franklin Street. There are also pinball machines, other games, and a racehorse game machine. A very cool piece of Havre de Grace History from “The Casual Historian”  #thecasualhistorian
NOTE: The items in this photo are NOT for sale as they’re part of our HdG History Collection. The keys above ARE for sale.

skeleton keys at Bahoukas
A variety of shapes and sizes of keys from our collection., also for sale.

And just in case you also love locks, we have a few of those as well.

Variety of locks including RR locks (B& O, PARR, Southern Rio Grand Pacific, a showcase lock and even handcuffs
… a variety of keys, padlocks and more for sale

So whether you’re a ‘cagophilist’ that collects keys or you just has a fondness for them and might be looking for a couple for a craft project or decorating, we invite you to stop in and visit. We’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Keys and Locks

We’ve heard it said that “Locks don’t keep the thief out. They know how to open locks. Locks keep the morale person from being tempted.”

Variety of locks including RR locks (B& O, PARR, Southern Rio Grand Pacific, a showcase lock and even handcuffs
Wonderful variety of locks and keys at Bahoukas Antiques

We’ve posted several items related to locks and keys. Consider these links:
Above photo: CLICK HERE Below: CLICK HERE

skeleton keys at Bahoukas
Some are looking for the key to open a chest or a door.
Others just love collecting skelton keys.

The above links share interesting tidbits about padlocks, master locks, and skeleton keys. Take a peek, the stop by and see these items for yourself. Of course, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

It may be after Christmas…

At Bahoukas it’s ALWAYS Christmas!

skeleton keys at Bahoukas

But now you can bring your gift money in and purchase that item you wanted… you know you wanted something!

We have an assortment of skeleton keys – vintage and reproductions. Some were used in jails. Others will open most interior doors.

We also thought we’d include this unique video about skeleton keys from a rather different perspective. Interesting for the coming New Year, don’t you think?!? ENJOY!