Tiny Shoes

Tiny Collections

Sometimes we want to enjoy a collection that doesn’t take up as much space as others. Today, we highlight ‘tiny shoes.’ We have a variety of them but the ice skates are… well…just too cute.

tiny shoes collection at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace - notice the tiny ice skate!!!
These tiny skates add a fun item to your tiny collectibles.


Tiny collections can be a single focus – like the tiny shoes – or they can be a mix and match with a theme you choose. It’s so much fun to be creative as you choose your theme and story about your tiny collections.


Tiny collections can often be used in your holiday decor. Whether they’re added to a wreath, used in a floral arrangement, or maybe even hung from the Christmas tree, tiny shoes can be fun. (Can’t you picture the tiny ice skates in one of your holiday decorations?)

Need A Different Tiny Idea?

Maybe collecting tiny shoes isn’t tickling your creativity. You’ll just need to come in and browse our 9,000+ sq. ft. of our collection of collections and choose your favorite “tinies.” There are dozens of themes and ideas just waiting to be discovered. As you think about the coming holidays, consider a couple of these tiny items to add to your decor. And yes, you can be sure, we’re watchin’ for ya!

Tiny Ice Skates

… to celebrate our first Ice Festival

Check out these tiny shoes – especially the ice skates!

We’ve been discussing Collections – especially ‘tiny ones.’ These tiny shoes are perfect examples of small collections that can be so much fun. Picture yourself browsing antique shops looking for just one more unique shoe to add to your collection.

We especially love the ice skate, just a couple inches tall, as we excitedly prepare for our Havre de Grace Fire & Ice Festival this weekend, Jan 19-20, 2019. CLICK HERE for details.

In addition, here’s another shelf of unique ‘tiny shoes’ to start you on your first ‘tiny collection.’

Tiny Shoes make for a great ‘first’ tiny collection!

So we encourage to stop in and check out the many choices available to you to begin your tiny collection. And, of course, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

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