Tchotchkes and Other Tinies

To some folks, these tiny things are just ‘stuff.’ To the artist or collector, they’re a gold mine, priceless.

We’ve seen these ‘tinies’ added to shadow boxes, used to create jewelry, and destined for someone’s very special collection.

A case of “Tinies,” also known as Tchotchkes.

No matter how you might use them, we have a number of tiny collectibles in our store just waiting for you to find them! Yesiree… we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Tiny Dogs

We missed these little ones…

Just like skunks, kittens, and birds, tiny dogs are VERY collectible

Earlier in the year, we shared a wonderful selection of tiny collectibles. Somehow we missed these three photos of tiny dogs – all shapes, sizes, breeds. Some look very poised and others are just silly and cute!

Tiny dogs 2

It’s never too late to start your own tiny collection. These cute little 4-legged fur-balls just might create the perfect beginning.

Tiny Dogs 3

Hey, it’s Valentine Day this week. Here’s a thoughtful item to add to their collection. Or maybe you think someone special would like to begin their very own collection. Either way, we’ll be here and, yep, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Where do wild critters go..

when it’s really really cold!?

Collection of Tiny Owls and a few larger ones!

I think the wise old owls would tell us to snuggle deep into the boughs of a pine tree, away from the wind and snow. This tiny collection offers a variety of items all wise in their owl-nature!

Collection of tiny bunnies, bunny figurines
Collection of the cutest little bunnies – we know you want one!

These cute little bunnies will go deep in their burrows to stay warm on these icy cold nights. But, you have to admit, they are precious. You’ll definitely want to drop by and see our tiny little critters collections.

Collection of tiny skunks and other critters
This collection of skunks and a few other critters won’t bother your nose one bit!

In gathering photos for this post, I almost missed this Collection of Skunks and a few other critters. They are so small and very sweet – seriously. So if you’re into Tiny Collections, or maybe want to start one, be sure to take a peek.

Collections of tiny birds, chipmunks, and bears
Birds and Chipmunks and Cut Little Bears… oh my …

And the last Tiny Collection for this post is to help us ‘Think Spring’ as we get through these very cold nights. Cute birds and the most delightful chipmunks make for a fun way to start your Tiny Collection. The little bear you just want to tickle.

So there you have it. To help warm you on this cold Monday, enjoy our Tiny Collections of Little Critters. Then go ahead, bundle up and drop by Bahoukas Antique Mall! We’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Tiny Ice Skates

… to celebrate our first Ice Festival

Check out these tiny shoes – especially the ice skates!

We’ve been discussing Collections – especially ‘tiny ones.’ These tiny shoes are perfect examples of small collections that can be so much fun. Picture yourself browsing antique shops looking for just one more unique shoe to add to your collection.

We especially love the ice skate, just a couple inches tall, as we excitedly prepare for our Havre de Grace Fire & Ice Festival this weekend, Jan 19-20, 2019. CLICK HERE for details.

In addition, here’s another shelf of unique ‘tiny shoes’ to start you on your first ‘tiny collection.’

Tiny Shoes make for a great ‘first’ tiny collection!

So we encourage to stop in and check out the many choices available to you to begin your tiny collection. And, of course, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Tiny Collections

Help someone start collecting with ‘tiny’…

We all love to gather things around us that reflect our personalities,
interests and values, and make our home or office unique.

These ‘Tiny Collections’ can be added to your own shelves, or maybe you’d like to encourage someone to begin their own collection. We’ll be sharing more from George, our ‘collector of collections’ expert!

And yes, we’ll be watchin’ for ya. Stop in soon!

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