Brodie Knobs

It is always intriguing the items you can find in our shop. These Brodie Knobs, also known as ‘suicide knobs’ are just one of those unique finds!

Let’s look into the background of these “Brodie Knobs” which teens from the 50s and maybe early 60s will remember:

The “Steering Wheel Spinner Knob” was invented by Joel R. Thorp of Wisconsin in 1936. The Brodie name is a reference to Steve Brodie and was meant to describe all manner of reckless stunts. The device is often called a “suicide knob” because of being notoriously useless for controlling the wheel during an emergency. It is also called a “knuckle buster” because of the disadvantage posed by the knob when letting go of the steering wheel after going around a corner, the wheel spins rapidly and the knob can hit the user’s knuckle, forearm, or elbow. If the driver is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, the protruding accessory on the rim of the steering wheel can also become caught in the sleeve’s open cut by the button. Other names include “granny knob” “necker’s knob” and “wheel spinner.”

from Wikipedia

Suicide Knobs Are Not Illegal

Contrary to popular opinion, these Brodie Knobs are not illegal. You can check out this post and do your own research.

As we love to do, here’s another interesting tidbit for those of you not familiar with these Brodie Knobs:

The term “necker knobs” came about when it was discovered that the driver could steer his car one-handed and wrap his free arm around his girlfriend, who was usually resting her head on the driver’s shoulder.

from WeeklyView

The above article from WeeklyView is a great, nostalgic piece. In the meantime, drop by and chat with us. We’ll be watchin’ for ya!

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