Playboy Club and Vintage Girly Squeakers

… Oh, Yes, that last item is Postcards!

Playboy Club memorabilia and 'squeaker' postcards

Yes, we have some sweet Playboy Club collectibles and a few other items. Included in the photo above are two glass Playboy Club mugs, a set of chrome bookends (yes, we have two), and a novelty mug that says, “Bottoms Up.”

In addition we have three wonderful lady bathing beauties on ‘squeaker postcards’ from the 1950s.

“It was a Squeaker,” said Horan, a tidy woman who wears her silver hair in a pageboy. She gives her age as “collecting postcards for over 50 years.”

A Squeaker, she explained, is a vintage postcard that has a hidden pouch for a noise-maker that squeaks when it’s compressed.

from the Denver Post

You just never know what we have at Bahoukas! So stop by and browse today. Yeppir, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

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