Day 8 – Gift Giving Ideas from Bahoukas

A Sampling of Different Ways to Listen to Music!

Different ways to listen to music - 78-33-and 45rpm vinyl records, 8-track and cassette tapes, wax cylinder record at Bahoukas Antiques in Havre de Grace

In this photo we have a sampling of the many ways we’ve listened to music over 100+ years that include: vinyl records of 45 rpm, 33 rpm, and 78 rpm. The bottom right displays a cassette tape and an 8-track tape. We bet you learned how to use a pencil to rewind a tape that has gotten twisted and pulled out of its case! We also have many record players for sale. CLICK HERE for a post on record players and maybe you’d like to learn about a Caliphone.

The bottom left of the above photo is a wax cylinder record – very fragile (not for sale).

1903 Columbia AP Gramophone or amberola

In the photo above is a 1903 Columbia AP Gramophone.

Below is a larger image of the informative card in this display:

info about the 1903 Columbia AP Gramophone

CLICK HERE for a wonderful history of the Gramophone!

Nipper - the RCA Victor dog

Do you remember the name of the dog used in the RCA Victor logo?

NO? CLICK HERE for more information!


You many already know that Thomas Edison is known for the Blue Amberol Records. Here’s a bit of info from Wikipedia:

Blue Amberol Records was the trademark name for cylinder records manufactured by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. in the US from 1912 to 1929. They replaced the 4-minute black wax Amberol cylinders introduced in 1908, which in turn replaced the 2-minute wax cylinders that had been the standard format since the late 1880s. Blue Amberols can play for as long as 4 minutes and 45 seconds and have a surface layer of the “indestructible” plastic celluloid, which Edison tinted a trademark blue color. Edison brand phonographs designed to play Amberol cylinders were named “Amberolas”.

At Bahoukas, we have some surprising finds to make it easy for you to find the perfect gift. And you have 36 days left to complete your gift-giving shopping! Hurry in … and remember, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

Do You Wax Nostalgic?

Turntables and Albums Are Again Trending

Seriously, LPs – two-sided, needle-on-vinyl records – have come back into fashion and are a growing force in the music market. Sales of LPs and EPs grew at a much higher pace than all other formats in 2015. Contemporary artists are releasing vinyl versions of their work. Chances are, your teens and tweens will be asking for record players soon. ___ from

Beautiful oak Thomas Pacconi Classic Record Player at Bahoukas

This beautiful Thomas Pacconi Classics plays 33-45 and 78 rpm record albums. If you’ve been hiding those albums in the attic, you just might want to get them out again. It works wonderfully. So consider a beautiful gift for a special someone (or even yourself). Share your wonderful traditions once again. Did you dad put a Christmas Record on before you came down the stairs on Christmas morning?

Christmas Albums and more available at Bahoukas.

Speaking of Christmas Album,take a peek at this one.

There are many more available in just about every style of music.
We have 45s and 78s and one 16rpm just in case you want to try it out.

So stop in to Bahoukas Antique Mall and prepare for some fine listening pleasure next time your having a party!