Early Car Phones

Motorola Dynasty Car-to-Car phone at Bahoukas

We have one of these ‘amazing’ early cell phones in our shop. The instructions are very long AND the battery charging… well, let’s just say that complaints today have nothing over these 1990s phones. We’ve included an instructional video just so you can appreciate what you have today!


from wikipedia: Don Adams with Shoe Phone from Get Smart tv show.

While checking this out, for some strange reason the show “Get Smart” came to mind and his ‘shoe phone.’ Do you remember that? No, we don’t have one of those. 
The photo is from Wikipedia. Don’t you just love what the internet can remember!

Stop in today and see what other crazy, intriguing, interesting, collectibles we have. Remember, we have the ‘Collection of Collections.” And yes, we’ll be watchin’ for ya!

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