Tiny Dogs

We missed these little ones... Just like skunks, kittens, and birds, tiny dogs are VERY collectible Earlier in the year, we shared a wonderful selection of tiny collectibles. Somehow we missed these three photos of tiny dogs - all shapes, sizes, breeds. Some look very...

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Wood Tools and

As the “Collection of Collections” we’re sure you’ll find an addition to YOUR collection when you visit Bahoukas Antiques in Havre de Grace.

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Wade Miniatures

Wade miniatures included in Red Rose Tea are fun, tiny collectibles. Bahoukas has a fine collection of these as well as a huge collection of teacups and teapots.

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Wheaton Glass

... a beautiful collection Wheaton Collection that have herb designs on them - tarragon, etc. These bottles are beautiful and decorative. They would be lovely with a flower or two, or just sitting on a window sill reflecting the sunshine. Besides Corning, did you know...

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Harlequins and Hearts

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Stop in at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace to choose a beautiful Harlequin Ceramic or gold-sparkled vase and containers. Just a few ideas we have for you!

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Flix and Smurfs!

Tiny SMURF Characters and FLIX Candy Gumball Machines are fun ways to introduce youngsters to collecting. Stop in at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace, MD

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German “Tinnies”

Military Memorabilia is a unique section in Bahoukas with mostly U.S.
and German Military items. Stop in and Browse. Located in Havre de Grace, MD

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Beer Taps

... on tap Our Beer MuZeum offers an interesting variety of beer taps We love our Beer MuZeum. If you're a collector of "Breweriana," you'll want to stop by and see our collection. We have a huge collection in our 2nd floor area that covers 2200 sq. ft. Plus there are...

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Toby Jugs

Toby Jugs and Character Museums are a really fun collectible with a colorful history. This post will give you a little background. Then visit Bahoukas in Havre de Grace, MD

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Need a Little Color…

We found these little gems of glass paperweights to add a bit of color and the feeling of sunshine as we wait for the coming days of Spring. Available at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace.

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Where do wild critters go..

when it's really really cold!? Collection of Tiny Owls and a few larger ones! I think the wise old owls would tell us to snuggle deep into the boughs of a pine tree, away from the wind and snow. This tiny collection offers a variety of items all wise in their...

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Tin is In!

Well, it's useful and decorative! Tin can containers with advertising have always been popular. Tin containers are loved for decoration, especially when enjoying the many colors and designs from their advertising. Some are very collectible. But they're nearly all...

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