Tiny Collections

Help someone start collecting with 'tiny'... We all love to gather things around us that reflect our personalities, interests and values, and make our home or office unique. These 'Tiny...

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Small Is Fun!

Those little metal, die-cast, cars and trucks you loved as a child are still popular with youngsters today, nearly 70 years later. Visit Bahoukas in Havre de Grace.

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Jukebox, Slots, Game Machines

Collections! This jukebox works! The jokebox is right inside the front door. It works. The glass on top will need replaced. But this is an amazing piece. Scattered throughout the store are a number of amazing collections that include a jukebox, several slot machines...

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Chess to Holiday Decorating!

Beautiful glass chess set and wonderful, nostalgic Christmas ornaments and candles can add delight in your holiday. Stop by Bahoukas Antique Mall in Havre de Grace soon… time’s a’wastin’!

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Wednesday Surprise Box #6

Our Surprise Box #6 is really a rack of stylish winter hats – not easily tucked into a box. But we do have hat boxes to take one or two home in style. Visit Bahoukas in Havre de Grace.

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Art at Bahoukas

Wood sculptures from around the world are just a few of the ‘art’ pieces you might find in the nooks and crannies and high shelves at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace, MD.

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Holly Jolly First Friday and Bahoukas

An old-fashioned Christmas comes to Havre de Grace tonight for our Holly Jolly First Friday and while you’re here, stop by to see some really wonderful old-fashioned gifts to bring value and entertainment to those on your gift list. Bahoukas Antique Mall!

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Wednesday Surprise Box #5

Thumb screws and old cut nails are our latest Wednesday Surprise Box #5. We offer a bit of history of these ingenious hardware pieces and a few crafty ways to re-purpose them. Stop in at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace for the old and unique, and some great gift-giving ideas for this holiday season.

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Angels and Glass

Glass of all kinds – crystal, cut glass, blue glass, jade glass, and more – available at Bahoukas Antique Mall. A beautiful angel with harp sculpture is a discovery you’ll love to see. Maybe it’s just what you were looking for. Visit Bahoukas in Havre de Grace, MD today!

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It’s All About the Teeth

At Bahoukas Antique Mall in Havre de Grace, we have a variety of old tools, including saws. Stop in soon and check it out. Possibly someone on your Holiday Gift List would love one or two of these vintage tools.

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Wednesday Box Surprise #4

Our Surprise Boxes lend themselves to many crafty ideas. Check out how you might use rolling pins, lace doilies, and old-fashioned hankies for some beautiful decorating and gift ideas. You still have time – these are pretty simple to make and beautiful to receive. Stop by Bahoukas Antique Mall today in Havre de Grace!

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