Rare Pabst Light and Motion at BAHOUKAS!!!

The “Pabst Train”  is one of the rarest of all Pabst signs, and we are thrilled to have one at BAHOUKAS!

Rare Pabst Train at Bahoukas

For the most part, it is constructed of thin plastic, and is, therefore, very fragile.

Our sign is in remarkably good condition despite its fragility! It is quite a work of art, and it is in full working order. The lantern lights to a dull orange glow as does the firebox underneath the engineer’s cab. All of the wheels turn, and the sign is lit from lights in the overhanging depot shed above. The train rocks back and forth as well as side to side, providing and even more interesting aspect. (15.5″ x 16.75″)Rare Pabst 'bartender' figure

Bahoukas Beer MuZeum truly carries a wonderful collection of BrewMania. The following Pabst items are included.

We also have the Pabst car made at approximately the same time as the train!

Another Pabst item that just arrived at BAHOUKAS is a statue of the Pabst bartender with outstretched arm. The arm should be holding a single goblet of Pabst, but the goblet is missing on this piece!

A Piece of Havre de Grace History!

Havre de Grace National Bank 1950s collectible Wild Wild West Bank1950s Wild West Bank!

George always gets excited when he finds any treasures representing Havre de Grace history!

This Wild West Bank c1950′s came from the Havre de Grace National Bank on St John Street. The building is now La Banque de Fleuve – a stunning, special events venue in historic downtown Havre de Grace. We’ll point you to their direction – just a block away – when you stop in for a visit.

This Model 202 Phone WORKS!

Most of us have fancy electronic phones today, and many of them fit snuggly in our pockets! The old phones are so cool and we just obtained a beauty!

Western Electric Model 202 Phone at Bahoukas

The Model 202 telephone (D1 mount/set) was a desktop telephone produced by Western Electric from 1930 through 1936. It was a modified version of the Model 102, and contained newly created anti-sidetone circuitry to prevent audio from the earpiece from being picked up by the mouthpiece, which would result in an acoustic feedback loop, and a squealing noise from the receiver.
Like its predecessors and competitors, the Model 202 contained no ringer or induction coils. These were contained in an external subset (ringer box) that connected between the phone and the wall.
BAHOUKAS has this phone in awesome condition with no fraying of the cord at all.