As we end a year and begin anew, Vintage Cameras have highlighted it!

Vintage cameras at Bahoukas

Cameras of all shapes and sizes are available at Bahoukas. Cameras from the early 1900s, ‘Brownies’ from the 40s, Italian Cameras from the 60s, Polaroid and Kodak to mention just a few. We’ve actually had many folks from photography clubs come in to pick up an old camera to add to their collection. And yes – they use them.

We also have many folks who pick up one or two to use in a decorating theme.

cameras, cameras and more cameras at Bahoukas in Havre de Grace

Whatever the usage, we have a wonderful assortment to choose from. As they’ve done since the beginning, cameras record our history and those special moments in our lives. Stop in and enjoy a piece of history… and maybe take one home.

For more information about old cameras, CLICK HERE for a great one-page history. Do you remember the old Kodak box camera? We do!


Wishing Everyone A Wonderful 2017!
History is in the bottle...