Should you bring an elephant into your home?

Of course I don’t mean a real elephant, unless of course you have a really big house! I’m thinking more on the lines of an elephant statue or trinket.

Elephant in all shapes, sizes and textures for the collectors can be found at Bahoukas AntiquesWhy would you want an elephant?

Elephants are the largest land animals on earth today and symbolize beauty, silent power, kindness and majesty. There are many reasons why you may want to bring an elephant statue into your home or office.

An elephant for good luck?

Ancient folklore and Indian mythology suggest that elephants are considered a symbol of good luck.  If “Good luck” is your goal, be sure the elephant is situated with the trunk up, which allows the lucky energy to be dispersed throughout your home or office.

An elephant for fertility?

Another popular use for an elephant in your home is as a fertility cure. When you bring an elephant into your home for this purpose, choose one with the trunk down. According to folklore, the elephant with the trunk down stores and accumulates energy, and will help push thru obstacles to conception.

An elephant for protection?

Because of it’s strength and physical power, the elephant symbolizes protection and stability. You often see a pair of elephants at the entrance of Asian buildings, such as temples or businesses. Unlike Fu Dogs (another very popular protection cure), the elephants impart a sense of respect and humility, which does not take away from their strength or power. To make use of their protective powers, you may want to place a couple of elephants at your main entrance. No need to have a dramatic arrangement, just an elephant couple on your side table can work very well!

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