Day #7 of our Gift Giving Ideas for kids – Campbell’s Chuck Wagon Set

Campbell Kids CHuck Wagon Set - Bahoukas in Havre de Grace
This great collectible is still fun for kids with imagination! From AMSCO TOYS – 1955, there are two of all utensils. The Soup Cans are missing – I’m sure the goodies were eaten long ago, but you can add a few of your own.

Do you ever wonder who creates these toys? Well, D. Dudley Bloom worked for AMSCO and was very creative and forward thinking. For example this notation from Wikipedia: At AMSCO, Bloom expanded the company’s line of reality-based toys that eschewed traditional military themes for boys and encouraged children of both genders to imitate constructive adult roles.

A photo of what's included in the Campell kids Chuck Wagon set from Bahoukas

This set is ‘like new’ after all these years. Plus… if you browse our shop, I’m sure you’ll find other Campbell Kids items that may go along with it. Possibly you could find a mug for mom and dad. Pick this up today and surprise your young ranch hand during the holidays!



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