We have a diverse selection of cast iron mermaids!

Diverse collection of cast iron mermaids at Bahoukas!

Did you know that “mermans” go back in stories about 4,000 years…. while “mermaids” go back about 3,000. And mermaids are a bit different than ‘sirens!’ For Gift Giving Idea #13 we offer a beautiful selection of cast iron mermaids in varying sizes. Sit them on a shelf, mantle or place them in your garden. We also know a superb powdercoater should you desire to change their colors to match your decor.

We did a little research and found an interesting page of Fun and Interesting Facts About Mermaids. Stop in and pick up a unique gift for that special person who absolutely loves mermaids!


#14 - very collectible Maryland Breweries beer bottles
#12 - Hubley Farm Tractor - for the collector or the kid