Day #11 Gift Giving Brings Dick & Jane

Dick and Jane Readers at Bahoukas Antique Mall

Those of us that are vintage ourselves remember our friends, Dick and Jane. Many of us believe that there is still merit in the readers and workbooks. If you’re one of them, possibly you’d like to pick up a book or two to share with your grandchildren. Others think they’re out of touch and boring. If nothing else, sharing them will create some very lively conversations where you can share ‘the good ole days’!

Did you know?


Every page contained one—and only one—new word that the reader hadn’t yet seen in any previous Dick and Jane collections. On every third page, all the new words would be combined. And not a single story introduced more than five or six total.

For 15 fun facts about the history of the Dick and Jane series, CLICK HERE. Then be sure to stop by Bahoukas.

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