Most of us have fancy electronic phones today, and many of them fit snuggly in our pockets! The old phones are so cool and we just obtained a beauty!

Western Electric Model 202 Phone at Bahoukas

The Model 202 telephone (D1 mount/set) was a desktop telephone produced by Western Electric from 1930 through 1936. It was a modified version of the Model 102, and contained newly created anti-sidetone circuitry to prevent audio from the earpiece from being picked up by the mouthpiece, which would result in an acoustic feedback loop, and a squealing noise from the receiver.
Like its predecessors and competitors, the Model 202 contained no ringer or induction coils. These were contained in an external subset (ringer box) that connected between the phone and the wall.
BAHOUKAS has this phone in awesome condition with no fraying of the cord at all.